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Using Japanese pen to write an essay about the deaf in Japan


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Anonymous asked:

have you ever doubted organised religion?


Hmm yeah I can’t say I haven’t to be honest. I don’t have much time right now to give you a proper answer but essentially religion is a very personal thing to me. Maybe it has to do with the way in which I was brought up in which my parents exposed me to the various ideologies from different religions but did not enforce any one (or the absence of one) upon me regardless of their own personal relationship with religion. Because of this, religion has always been something that I explore on my own and I’ve honestly just never felt the need to go to church or anything to be taught religion in that sense. I wouldn’t say it’s a way of dealing with religion that doesn’t carry with it it’s own inherent contradictions and neither would I say it’s the best way. I know plenty of people would disagree with me but personally for me that’s the way I feel most comfortable exploring religion - in my own time and pace, and that’s something I don’t particularly intend on changing! 

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(by Joe St.Pierre //

Is there irony in how so much conflict in the world arises out of religious differences when religion is meant to bring peace to people?

Querelle, 2014